Acorn Early Learning Centre - A great place to grow



At Acorn Early Learning Centre, we are committed to a vibrant partnership with families and recognise that parents are children’s first teachers. We value the diversity of the community in which we belong, and strive to provide a quality centre that is responsive to family needs.

We offer children and their families a safe, happy and attractive learning environment where the emphasis is on fun, choice and exploration. We believe that children learn best through play – play is the child’s work. All experiences are recognised as learning experiences, whatever the outcome.

Our teaching team recognises that each child is an individual with unique strengths, needs and talents. Research shows that the first five years of our lives are the most important for laying strong foundations for learning and developing these early talents. It is, therefore, our aim to instil a great love of learning in children and to capitalise on the intrinsic ability they have to learn at this age.

At Acorn Early Learning Centre, children are able to choose from a variety of stimulating activities that support and develop their physical confidence, cognitive learning, social, emotional, cultural and language skills.

Children are encouraged to problem-solve for themselves, make their own decisions and to value mistakes as learning opportunities.

We believe that learning and education has no end, and we are committed to participating in ongoing professional development on a regular basis. While at Acorn Early Learning Centre, all children will have the opportunity to:

  • Feel good about who they are and what they can do;
  • Problem-solve for themselves and welcome challenges; and
  • Learn to respect others and their work.